We got name.

Name of the week, maybe.  I'm still mystified, lost, without my old ...focus.  :sniff:  ;-P 

I'm having a difficult time deciding what direction I want to go, besides left mostly.

For now, please excuse the aimless wandering, and fingers crossed for mimspiration

Maybe I'll come up with something eventually, so...

Check back occasionally for updates, revisions, whole new concepts, better days.



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* = update 12/20/08




Californication Shoblog says


It's Official!




Heartiest Congratulations

to The Californication Cast and Crew

for FIVE Nominations and One WIN

in your first TWO seasons!

Bring on Season Three, please.



Californication Season 2 Soundtrack








SEPTEMBER 28, 2008



Don't miss it!

Click the pic for the Official Site


You HAVE to go 'Play Hanker'







Videos Galore!



6 new Californication-related clips

added December 20th, 2008



Duchovideony 2008



just for funzies



Because I had to.



slightly smaller version



tiny version




scene snippet from "Slip of the Tongue"

made into an animated GIF, called 'Morning at Moodys''




~~~ blah, blah, blah... ~~~


The Day the Mirth Stood Still

a sitewitch farewell to the Institute, 08/28/08


The Next Day the Mirth Stood Still

waffling about watching Californication Season Two?

my rambling thoughts on the subject, and the man in question. 09/11/08



mimory #11 added December 20th, 2008






I have to thank Showtime for most all the imagery,

But I can't forget any of the many and frequent conduits to it.

And I won't.

My sincere gratitude to everybody who shares beauty with the rest of us.





~ Pam ~





















































Future home of the

~ Duchovny Anti-Defamation League ~



(but it might be nice to bring back the SPCDD...)